The Top 3 Things To Look For When Buying Binoculars

long-distance-binocularsBinoculars enhance the size of the object you are watching and makes images look brighter even in low light conditions by letting more lights in the device. There are two optical systems in binoculars having a common focus system, enabled through the hinge they remained connected by. Therefore, this device projects an image for both eyes simultaneously.

There are different kinds of these devices available in the market, and they are Standard Full Size, Zoom, Binocam, Foldable Compact, Waterproof, Wide Angle, and Focus Free. These are the basic categories in which binoculars can be classified. Without getting into further details of types, let’s move to the factors that determine the performance of the device. The three main factors are lens diameter, magnification, and optical coating. Now, let us check these features one after the other.

Magnification – This is the extent to which the object you are viewing gets enlarged. Binoculars are marked by a combination of numbers separated by ‘x’. In 7×50, 7x is the extent of magnification. A binocular with 7x magnification means it can enlarge an image seven times than the normal size. Higher magnification reduces the field of view, on the one hand, and makes images brighter, on the other.

safari-binocularsBy usage, the power of binoculars vary. 6x to 8x magnification is preferred for observations during daylight condition. Power from seven to ten is preferred for observations during dusk to dawn. In case, you are planning to use your binocular for observations in the mountains 10x to 12x magnifications are considered best. If you are buying this optical device for hunting, you should choose one having a magnification range from 8x to 12x. For water sports, 7x magnification is enough. If the purpose of buying binoculars is solely for astronomy, anything from 15x to 70x should be preferred.

Coating – Coatings are very important in binoculars because significant light gathering capability can be lost, to the extent of 30 per cent, if devices remain uncoated. Once it’s done, the images will appear brighter. The sharpness of images is highest around the centre. However, higher quality binoculars have less difference in sharpness in the centre region of images and outer side. There are four kinds of coatings popular in the industry, and they are a coat, full coat, multi-coat, and fully multi-coat.

Two to six magnesium fluoride coatings are applied on eyepieces and prisms for fully coated devices, on the one hand, and several colour layers are coated on the objective. Air to glass surfaces is coated with the single layer. Four to eight magnesium fluoride coatings are applied on eyepieces and prisms on multi-coated binoculars. Multiple coats are applied on prisms or lenses. Air to glass surfaces come with multiple coloured layers. Four to sixteen magnesium fluoride coatings are applied on eyepieces and prisms. Night vision industry especially uses green coloured optics. The devices having Blue Coats filter out unnecessary light reflections.

Lens Diameter – Larger objective lenses make images brighter. 20-32 mm is normal for 6x to 8x magnification. 35-50mm diameter is normal for 7x to 9x. 50-70mm is normal for 10x to 36x magnification.

There are three kinds of binocular usages. One for general purpose, another for outdoor purpose, and the third is for the compacts. So, before buying binoculars, you should check the usage type, on the one hand, and the factors mentioned above. Only after checking these aspects, you should buy your favourite device.

Things You Should Know Before Buying Vinyl Flooring

If you’re looking for a plastic-based flooring solution, then vinyl is the way to go. It is manufactured to consist of a middle layer of vinyl and a backing of felt or fiberglass and another top layer, also from vinyl, called the wear layer. The beauty of vinyl is that it can be made to look like any other flooring, even marble, stone or timber! Vinyl Flooring has been in the architectural industry for more than eight decades now and since then it remains to be one of the cheapest floorings in the world.


There are numerous reasons why people still opt for vinyl kinds of flooring and why it still remains to be a popular choice for most homeowners; however, as with any other things, it also has its fair share of drawbacks.

Advantages of Vinyl
Offers numerous designs. These days, this type of flooring offers endless colors and patterns for buyers to choose from. Luxury vinyl, for example, may be designed to look like a marble or a ceramic floor while a vinyl plank may be made similar to wood planks. You can even buy cheap vinyl type flooring from places like Quaglino’s Flooring and make it look like a luxurious one by making the right combinations of unique and color patterns. It doesn’t require much attention and maintenance. Whether you have cheap vinyl flooring or top of the line luxury vinyl flooring, maintenance is pretty much the same. All you have to do is to ensure that dirt won’t stick on the flooring by using a damp cloth or a mop together with a vinyl cleaner. It is way cheaper. Even if you purchased cheap vinyl flooring, you’d still most likely have the same perks you will enjoy when you have luxury vinyl type flooring. What makes it even more likable is that this type of flooring is most definitely cheaper when compared to the price of a tile that has similar quality and design as with the vinyl tile.

vinyl-flooring-for-bathroomDisadvantages of Vinyl
It basically isn’t ecologically friendly. Vinyl flooring doesn’t break down easily and naturally, hence making it non-biodegradable. Discarded vinyl floorings tend to pile up and take a lot of space in landfills every year.

The floor, where the vinyl type flooring will be placed, must be evened out properly. Whether it be cheap vinyl or luxury vinyl, it is extremely important that the flat surface to where the flooring will be placed should be soft. Even a small piece of grain trapped in between the subfloor and the flooring will definitely take a toll on your vinyl flooring’s material and will eventually wear down, rip off or tear down. The sad thing about this is that when the vinyl flooring is damaged, there is nothing you can do but to have it removed.

Send us your photos! We would love to see your living space and how you brought vinyl flooring into the mix.

Starting a successful home based business

Starting a successful home based business

Many people have a desire to work from home because it allows them to service several obligations at once. For example, you can be working at your desk at home and monitor your small children at the same time. You can also enjoy the garden you specifically built for yourself and not be cramped up in a tight office. Many perks are working from home offers, but which is the best way to set up your own business from the comfort of your house? There is no secret formula for this, but we can tell you a couple of words of advice.


Get into it deep and use your hand. Nobody will set up your company for you, and all those work-at-home ads are something you should not take seriously. Do your homework, explore and learn and, most importantly, do not stop when you are half-way done. Endure and follow through and believe in your ideas.

Your talents

Think about the talents you have and things that you like to do. If you are a creative person, a person who has an eye for detail or your communication skills are above-average, you have some of the traits needed for success. Not just in a home-based business, but also any other. Do a little bit of self-assessment before you venture into a new business? This way you can understand what your strong traits are and if your personality can handle the tough requirements new business demands. You should rely on your motivation, perseverance, initiative, and self-reliance.

22b52dbYour skills

What is it that you do well? And how are skills different from talents? Well, skills are active and talents are passive, to put it simply. You carry your talents with you from the moment you are born, but you learn and develop your skills. You may have the talent to spot details, but you will have to learn to have good organizational or accounting skills.

The test

Put your business ideas to the test. Make a list and see which of the ideas will have to be crossed because you cannot engage in these activities at your home. For example, most of the manufacturing business will demand specific locations and buildings. Go back to your list and see which ideas can work from home. Once you figured this out, it is time for the next step.

The profit angle

The talent is there, the skills are there, we got the idea, but where is the profit? The bottom line of any business is the profit. You have to have a business plan in your head which you can develop on paper to see whether your idea has financial element to it. Without the profit to support your business, you will quickly fail. Do the math and check all the elements included so you can work out a way to sell your products or services with a profit margin big enough to support your business.